Transparent Heart Yoga



I Believe


I believe we all desire to live purposeful lives. I believe we want to be or learn to become our best selves. I believe we are all tired of suffering, and we would love to break free of that suffering. I believe that you, no matter who you are or what your background is, or what your current state of affairs is, or what your current mental state is, can become that excellence that you desire to be. I believe the answers are in our hearts. I believe we all want to heal. I believe we need to listen - to ourselves, to each other. I believe we need to communicate. I believe we need to digest and process. I believe we are here to lift each other up. I believe we are in control of our destiny. I believe we are guided by a divine force. I believe in integrity. I believe in love. I believe in courage. I believe we need to learn about ourselves. I believe we need to stand up for what we believe in. I believe we are all good. I believe in fierce love. I believe we all really want to connect and share. I believe we are afraid to share our true selves. I believe we can heal by sharing our true selves. I believe in human nature. I believe in human-ness. I believe in truth. I believe in patience and nurturing. I believe we all want to be guided. I believe we need support. I believe we all need champions for our transformation.


I believe in you.








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I am Courtney

I am here to help you feel better. There are many tools to help us get to exactly where we want to be in our lives. On this site, and in person, I will share the techniques that have been key to my personal healing and transformation. This is serious and at times difficult work, let me help you on your journey through my loving guidance and support.





My name is Jeanne and I have been a yoga student of Courtney for 3 years now. She is always happy to see us and brings such positive energy in to the room! She takes her time to explain and help you modify poses so that they suit you and your practice.  I had a back injury a few years ago and she was happy to go over my physical therapy exercises with me in an individual class so I could continue my yoga along with the therapy. The breathing techniques she teaches are probably my favorite! I feel like a new woman when I leave a class and I carry that feeling with me for the rest of my day. Thanks Courtney! -Jeanne Seals



I have been following your suggestion and using Yoga for morning focus and renewal ... works out great… really has helped set my mind for the day!  I am able to focus on my breathing and some basic movements- it’s a wonder what 5-8 minutes makes. -Cathy Patterson



Working with Courtney one-on-one has been the best thing thing I've ever done to get my life back in balance. I appreciate her willingness to share her knowledge, and how she always gives her full attention, whether it's with a room full in our group class or during our private sessions. -Susan Partin

Courtney is always so full of positive energy and smiles, and that radiates out to the class. It's a great feeling. She's attentive to the needs of the class as a whole but also takes time to address individual needs/concerns if they arise. I look forward to my Monday afternoon yoga class because of her. As a lifestyle teacher, she's great about listening to what you need and what's going on, and she can make suggestions to help you achieve your goals. She doesn't force you into doing something though. She'll just check in with you to see how you're doing and she'll give subtle reminders about things you may be neglecting. I find that much more motivational than trying to force something on you. -Becky Dickovitch


transparent = transmitting light without distortion