Class Highlight: Ease Into Yoga

“This class is geared for the true beginner. The goal is for you to feel comfortable and capable in your body, allowing yourself to learn the foundational pieces of the physical yoga practice. You will also be introduced to various breathing techniques and yogic philosophy, and begin to understand how it all works together. In this class, you will be guided not only in the poses, but also in how to safely modify for your needs, whether you have limited mobility, are working with an injury, or just may not have moved your body in a while. You may choose to stay in this introductory class for a few months, or as long as you like. This practice is slow-moving, giving you plenty of time to learn about and investigate each pose, breath, and concept. Welcome to your yoga practice!”


This is the first in our series of class highlights for the Murfreesboro Studio. I decided to start with “Ease Into Yoga”, because why not start at the beginning?


Yoga Sutra 1.1 Now begins the practice of Yoga


I believe this class should be checked out by anyone who has always wanted to try yoga, but might be a bit intimidated by the practice. (What if I’m not any good? I’m not very flexible. My mind is always racing. Yoga is only for ____, not for me. I’ve never been to a studio before. And the list goes on!) I mean, who wouldn’t be intimidated seeing all those Instagram photos of perfectly fit women in their various challenging acrobatic pretzel shapes? I do love to joke that we will not be practicing headstand just yet. He he. Nope. Not in this class. Ever. So the class is exactly what the name says it is. This is your opportunity to ease into your practice. This is your opportunity to come as a beginner and stay as a beginner for as long as you’d like. This is your opportunity to learn how to align your body, breath, and mind, building the foundation of your practice. And without a strong foundation, how can you be truly supported?

Courtney Sabbagh