Class Highlight: Beginner's Meditative Yoga

"All you have to think about is the stretch and the breath.   Simple cues for proper alignment for at least 50 yoga poses that all of us can access, if not today, then maybe tomorrow!  Connecting movement with the breath, we will create a Vinyasa flow grounded in the Sun Salutation.  Never practiced yoga before?  This is your class!  Been practicing for years and want to get back to the basics, update your alignments?  This is your class too!  Breathe, move, and then breathe again.  Find improved posture, increased flexibility & strength, increased range of motion, improved balance & coordination, heightened awareness of the mind-body-breath connection, and peaceful understanding and acceptance of one’s own body."


Introducing the next practice in our Class Highlight Series. . .

Beginner's Meditative Yoga is also a great place to start! Maybe you'd like to move a little more than our "Ease Into Yoga" class. Maybe you're returning your yoga practice after a break. This class is perfect for anyone new to yoga, as well as an experienced practitioner. Attend Beginner's Meditative Yoga if you'd like to spend time working on your alignment in the poses, learning about your breath, and learning about your body. Attend this class if you'd like to unwind and release and find joy in your practice. Attend this class if you're new to the studio and not quite sure where to start. Attend this class as a way to attend to yourself.

Courtney Sabbagh