Class Highlight: Strong and Calm

"Every Monday Transparent Heart Yoga will offer a warm strong and calm vinyasa flow class with Tammura.  She will create a space that is powerful. We will explore movements that are creative and give one the courage to focus on the magnificence of themselves. Taking down barriers that have been built up over time and diving into spaces not ventured. We all have abilities and that will be the focus. Whether it is powerful, slow, will be yours. We hope to lead a message each class that builds positive energy within and helps to open up doors on your Mat. To encourage the voice within to stir and lead you into a truthful positive tone. This class will begin with a message, into a meditation, followed by a yoga "dance" and end with writing yourself a new story to take with you off your Mat."


What better way to start your week? Tammura teaches a fantastic, progressive Vinyasa Flow style class. It is similar to a traditional Vinyasa Flow in that the sequences are integrated seamlessly with the breath and Sun-Salutations. But we would not call this class "Vinyasa Flow", because it is so much more. As I said earlier, it's progressive. Tammura will guide you in a sequence where you might build up to a specific pose or set of poses, and then gently unwind. She will guide your body and mind in a strong and powerful way to help you attain your goals, or come closer to attaining them. Each practice will leave you feeling accomplished and steady. This practice will challenge you to become stronger in whatever area you need it most. This practice will help you conquer your fears. You will challenge your body to move in ways perhaps unfamiliar to you, in a supportive and playful practice. This practice is meant to build you up and not break you down. Through all of these elements, you will be left connected to yourself and ready to soar through your day and the rest of your week!

Please note: We are no longer offering this class at THY. Please check out our STUDIO page for the current class schedule. If you’d like to practice with Tammura, join her at our Yoga & Writing Circle Mondays at 7:15pm.

Courtney Sabbagh