Class Descriptions


Beginner’s Meditative Yoga

All you have to think about is the stretch and the breath. Simple cues for proper alignment for at least 50 yoga poses that all of us can access, if not today, then maybe tomorrow!  Connecting movement with the breath, we will create a Vinyasa flow grounded in the Sun Salutation.  Never practiced yoga before?  This is your class!  Been practicing for years and want to get back to the basics, update your alignments?  This is your class too!  Breathe, move, and then breathe again.  Find improved posture, increased flexibility & strength, increased range of motion, improved balance & coordination, heightened awareness of the mind-body-breath connection, and peaceful understanding and acceptance of one’s own body.  

Breathe and Flow

Make the most of your lunch break! Enjoy this midday yoga class that will leave you feeling rejuvenated all day long. Designed to get you in and out, back to your desk, kids, errands, and other daily activities feeling more present and connected for the rest of your day.

Chair Yoga

“Sit and Stretch”

Chair yoga brings the same great benefits as a regular yoga class while sitting in a chair.  Traditional yoga poses will be modified for sitting in a chair instead of getting down on to the floor.  Chair yoga is an excellent choice for anyone with injuries, medical conditions, becoming more active after injuries and even for those more comfortable in a chair instead of down on a mat.   Chair yoga can be the first step into a yoga practice.  Each class will begin with a short period of “coming into our space,” followed with a SLOW, GENTLE stretching and ending with a relaxation time.  WARNING:  In this class we HAVE A GOOD TIME! 

Anyone can practice chair yoga, No age LIMITS! Chair yoga will bring activity into your life while sitting.  This will be a wonderful class for someone that is looking for a low impact activity, think they have NO flexibility, or have limited mobility.  Chair Yoga can be beneficial for office workers and those that can’t leave their workspace. 

NOTE:  We will be taking our shoes off, you are welcome to bring socks that are non-skid!


Chakra Infused Yoga

Looking for balance in your body, mind, and life? Chakra Infused Yoga with Pat will help balance the energy body through the Chakra system, bringing more balance into your body and mind. Yoga philosophy tells us that the Chakra system consists of seven major “wheels” of energy spinning in the subtle body in alignment with the spine. These whirling wheels of energy start at the base of the spine and rise all the way to the crown of the head, passing energy up and down and through each other with each breath. With focused awareness, breath, and movement, we will explore, study, and experience the balancing of each chakra and its relationship to the entire system. Our classes will be based in large part on the teachings of Dr. Anodea Judith. Her book, “Wheels of Life,” and/or “Eastern Body/Western Mind,” are recommended for outside reading.

These yoga classes are for all levels, and for anyone interested in yoga philosophy as experienced through breathwork, mediation, and asana practice.

community meditation and yoga

A timely revival of the very popular Murfreesboro Meditation Group, this is a pay-what-you-can community class where all levels are welcome. This class will teach the tools for meditation, provide the opportunity to practice sitting quietly in group mindfulness and meditation, then move into gentle yoga poses intentionally and meditatively. Led by Pat Blankenship, an original member of the Murfreesboro Meditation Group, this class is open to everyone. Come just for the meditation, come just for the yoga, or come for both! A great way to start your week! Half of the proceeds of each class will be donated to the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center.
1:00pm Meditation Begins/1:30pm Yoga Movement Begins


Slow, mindfully performed deep stretch poses, infused with guidance such as stopping and looking deeply into the nature of the body, appreciating the group of practitioners surrounding you, and observing your breathing. Each class will end with a relaxing guided meditation (similar to a shortened Yoga Nidra). 

Ease Into yoga

Geared for the true beginner! The goal is for you to feel comfortable and capable in your body, allowing yourself to learn the foundational pieces of the physical yoga practice. You will also be introduced to various breathing techniques and yogic philosophy, and begin to understand how it all works together. In this class, you will be guided not only in the poses, but also in how to safely modify for your needs, whether you have limited mobility, are working with an injury, or just may not have moved your body in a while. Our Ease Into Yoga is also recommended for post-natal mamas. You may choose to stay in this introductory class for a few months, or as long as you like. This practice is slow-moving, giving you plenty of time to learn about and investigate each pose, breath, and concept. Welcome to your yoga practice!

Energized Flow

Active flow practice. Postures connect together as the breath guides the mind toward stillness. 75min practice designed to challenge the physical, focus the mental, and liberate the Self. High activity. 

Feel-Good Yoga

This is the class where "Courtney does whatever she wants". It's true! And you will leave this class having received exactly what you needed. This class is always geared toward: what is the right practice on this particular day, at this particular time, for this particular group. We work on witnessing our experience of the Yoga practice, encompassing: movement, stillness, breath, energy, philosophy. 

Foundations of Yoga Nidra

In this class we will explore the benefits of Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep). There will be a combination of lecture, pre-practices (which may include Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, and Mantra) and an extended deep relaxation practice. We will discuss the benefits and entire scope of Yoga Nidra. Each class will always have some form of movement as well as guided deep relaxation.

(Please check the live schedule as some Fridays will be cancelled when Courtney is out of town)

gentle Yoga

A slower paced yoga practice giving you the time to settle into the poses, feel them, and enjoy in your body. We will spend time exploring basic alignment, modifications, and breath awareness. The class is for EVERYone, especially beginners!

Go Slow with the Flow

Go Slow with the Flow is a gentle flow to start Saturday off right for all of the early birds in our community!  This practice will incorporate some standing postures, but just enough to wake the body and get the blood flowing.  There will also be plenty of stretching to allow muscle and tissue release so that the student can ease the mind and the body into the weekend.

All levels welcome, even the first time student.

Traditional Restorative yoga/meditative relaxation

A traditional Restorative Yoga practice where we support ourselves with many props to enable us to settle into the poses for extended periods of time. This practice will activate your parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest) and deeply recharge all the systems in your body. In addition to the supported poses, we will guide you through specific breathing practices to aid in focusing and calming the mind.

This practice is perfect to calm down at the end of a hectic day, unload stress, and great for re-habilitating injuries.

Women’s Healing Circle

Every week, we gather in community for a different topic of discussion, meditation, or practice - all in the realm of Health and Wellness. The Circle will be held in the lobby area of the studio on the couches, bolsters, floor, or chair - as you are most comfortable. Each week will not build on the previous one, so come as your schedule allows! This Circle is FREE to all attendees. Women only!

(Please check the live schedule as some Sundays will be cancelled when Courtney is out of town)

yin yang yoga

A harmonized sequence that includes long holds and dynamic movement. In this class you’ll learn to embrace the dualities of flexibility and strength along with surrendering to new challenges. This class will allow your body to create balance and depth in order to bask in the beauty of the present moment. All levels welcome.

Yoga & Writing Circle

Are you a yogi who wants to write? A writer who wants to practice yoga? Let’s do both! Gather with us on Monday evenings this summer for writing prompts, movement, meditation and more writing! Bring a journal, an ink pen, and your mat and be ready to tap into your own creative process, find your own voice, write and speak your own words. The yoga will inspire the writing; the writing will inspire the yoga! We will seek the opening of the creative channels and the releasing of creative blocks in the inspired creative experience of yoga and meditation. These classes are for all levels (both yoga and writing!), and for anyone interested in trying their hand at both. Donation-based (not included in your class package) Half of the proceeds of each class will be donated to the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center.