We are so excited to be partnering with the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center

“At Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center our mission is simple: to PROTECT victims, PREVENT violence, and EMPOWER survivors.

We accomplish this by providing citizens of Rutherford County with the resources and assistance necessary to effectively deal with the personal, social, and legal implications of victimization by domestic violence and sexual assault.”

Transparent Heart Yoga will be donating half of the proceeds from our Community Classes to the Center. In addition, we have a donation basket at the studio where you can drop off needed items for the Shelter. See below for a current list of items requested. If you’re interesting in donating money directly to the program, go to the DVP Donations Page.

Read this blogpost to see one reason why this program is so important to Courtney and THY.

Please check out the DVP WEBSITE and see what incredible things they’re doing for our community.


Our immediate needs are ever-changing based on the unique needs of the families we serve. Currently our most needed items are as follows:


o   Shelf stable foods; canned soups, spaghetti and pasta sauce, rice, canned meats, snack bars (NO canned veggies, totally stocked at this time!)

o   Body lotion

o   Toilet paper


All of these items must be new with tags, any and all sizes, these are used in our care packages to be given to survivors after a rape examination (often their clothing must be taken for the investigation and/or dna collection)

o   Comfortable pants (yoga pants, sweat pants, PJ pants)

o   Comfortable shirt (t-shirt, tank top, PJ top)

o   Underwear 

o   Lounge / sports bra


We collect gift cards such as these for pick-me-ups and/or to quickly purchase immediate needs

o   Walmart gift card

o   Amazon gift card

o   Starbucks gift card

o   Hair Salon gift certificate  

CLICK HERE for DVP’s current Amazon Wishlist