Amanda James

I wandered into a yoga class 5 years ago when trying to figure out where to “start” the process of healing a troubled mind and body.  I fell in love!  Over the first 3 years, I practiced all styles of yoga as many times per week as possible, and loved the change that I saw in myself.  I DO NOT imply a change to my physical body.  I loved the change that was taking place inside my body and my mind!

Two years ago, I decided that it was time to expand my yoga practice to incorporate teaching.  I wanted to bring this euphoric metamorphosis to yogis who were looking for a safe place to heal like I was in the beginning of my journey.  I received my 200-hr RYT certification from Sangha Yoga RYS in June of 2016.

During my journey to become a teacher, I fell in love with the mellow, relaxing, and healing practices of Restorative and Yin Yoga.  I have made these practices my current focus of continued learning.

What I love most about yoga is that it is never “over.”  We are never “done” with yoga, and we never stop learning and growing.   We can all find a place of acceptance on our mats at any time!

Clarinda Thompson

Clarinda Thompson has been practicing yoga for 11 years on every level, and many different varieties. She is committed to helping everyone enjoy yoga and the benefits that come with it. Clarinda's passion for yoga and helping people realize their full potential and find their inner yogi drives her every day.

Yoga is for every size, body shape, and weight. Clarinda uses yoga techniques to incorporate meditation and to help you connect to your mind, body, and soul to unify and achieve a sense of 'oneness'.

Clarinda is a graduate of Pathfinders Yoga School RYS and is certified in NuPower Yoga and a member of CYTTN and Yoga Alliance. She studied under the Baptiste lineage.

Courtney Sabbagh

The definition of Yoga I love these days is, “The unravelling of your layers to take you from who you are now, to who you will become, to who you have always been underneath the layers.” This is what my practice has been about since I began this journey. My Dharma and my passion is to share and teach all that I have learned and all that I am continuing to learn. I love the sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda (and many of the other Vedic sciences as well) because it is a lifelong study, and because the teachings ring true in my heart and soul. More layers of information are continuing to be revealed to me, and I know I will never be done. All I can do is practice and assimilate, and then teach and share what I know in my heart is the most helpful and what is needed by my students. I am most passionate about personal transformation, community, food, meditation in all its forms, and deep relaxation & nervous system practices. My goal is to continue to grow this vibrant and uplifting community here at THY. Thank you for being here.

Holly Waldrop

Hello, my name is Holly.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Yoga Teacher. Over the past few years the practice of yoga has become a big part of my life and I love sharing the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual experience of yoga.  My passion is to use yoga as a tool to empower healing from trauma, life-stress, and grief; to offer skills that can produce lasting change and comfort. My approach is to create a safe space using my clinical experience and the dynamic and creative nature of yoga to provide an opportunity to be present in your body, in this moment, and trust that it is good. 

Katelyn Carpenter

Katelyn Carpenter first discovered yoga while studying physical therapy and realized the many health benefits to the physical postures, as well as the relaxing benefits to deep breathing and meditation. After 7 years of practicing yoga she completed the 200 hour training to become a registered yoga teacher. By combining the health benefits of yoga with medical treatments, Katelyn uses her knowledge of poses to help in the recovery of various ailments and physical imbalances. Her favorite classes to teach are Yin and Restorative Yoga for the benefits of restoring imbalances in the nervous system and relaxing the muscles of the body for optimal mind-body awareness.

Lee Ann Ogles

I've been practicing yoga for over 14 years. It has enriched my life so much that I decided to become a certified yoga teacher and share the benefits of yoga with others! I'm very passionate about helping students maintain and gain flexibility and balance. In addition, I love helping students to reconnect with their mind, body, and soul.

Lyndi Rose Hayes

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 5 years, and my practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully. I completed my 200 hour training with Premananda Yoga School, owned by guru Pedro Franco.

Some of the wonderful teachers through this training included: Pedro Franco, Katie Silcox & Elizabeth Ayers.  I will always be a student of the practice and am deeply grateful for the wisdom my teachers have shared with me.

In my classes, I love to combine a spirit of playfulness, a dose of inspiration, and some restorative postures to help you deepen your practice. I seek to help others find balance in their lives by sharing yoga postures as well as theory and practical uses of yoga in everyday life.

Six years ago Mariah began yoga as a hobby, but quickly realized it was so much more than just physical exercise. It is a spiritual practice, uniting our mind, body, & energies. Yoga focuses the mind, increases flexibility and strength, improves balance, decreases stress, and promotes peace of mind.

Mariah has received her 200 RYT from Be Kind Yoga Teacher Training at The Yoga Pilates Barre, NC. To Mariah, yoga is about finding a connection between the body, mind and spirit. With a vinyasa style of teaching and guided meditation she aspires to help people find that connection in a playful and welcoming environment. Being upside down is her favorite way to view the world so inversions are always offered and encouraged.

Mariah's passion in life is to use yoga as a tool to change people's lives as it did hers. It is to not only teach people who already love yoga but to teach the people who need it. To teach the people who are skeptical, who doubt their body's ability to bend, who do not know where to begin. For the ones who already have an understanding of yoga and it's benefits, she wishes to inspire them by helping them deepen their practice with playfulness and freedom. Freedom to be who they are. There is no mask on the mat, only hope. 

Mariah Norton

Nila Blanton Gober

I am a “home town girl”, born and raised in Murfreesboro.  I received my certification in 2015. I am a RYT-500 through the Yoga Alliance.  I have a passion for helping people, and feel through teaching yoga I can help people find their peace, joy and who they are.  I love teaching a slower style of yoga allowing our mind, body and spirit to connect.

Pat Blankenship

“There is a community of the spirit….join it and feel the delight….”  Rumi

Pat Blankenship teaches beginners’ yoga (“Notice I didn’t say beginners’ yoga was easy yoga….I said it was instructive yoga!”) here at Transparent Heart Yoga and at Middle Tennessee State University.  Her classes focus on the safest and most beneficial alignment for approximately 60 classic yoga poses structured around the traditional Sun Salutation.  Pat’s classes always begin and/or end with a few minutes of guided meditation, a grounding and centering practice of awareness of the here and now, awareness of the body, and awareness of the breath.  Beyond that, every class is full of surprises!  One beauty of the style of yoga Pat practices and teaches, Vinyasa Flow, is the discovery of new and different ways to move your body from one pose to the other, the creative journey toward new ways to find union of the consciousness with the body.  There are standing poses, seated poses, poses on your back, poses on your belly, poses on your side….we practice them all!  Pat’s favorite pose is Uttanasana, a standing full forward fold, because it feels so good in her lower back and because it’s so grounding and settling for her.  Pat’s greatest passion is building community between students and teachers, a community that supports each and every one of us as we search for deeper understanding of ourselves and others.   She’s currently engaged in writing curricula for additional classes both for yoga students and for yoga teachers.  eRYT-200, RYT-500, YACEP

Tammura Adreon

My name is Tammura Adreon. I began my yoga journey twenty-two years ago. The first experience was from an elective class at MTSU. It was a beginner class about the fundamentals of Yoga. From then on, I would participate in random classes at local gyms. At first, I approached the practice as an athlete with a competitive mind.

About six years ago, I decided as my New Years Resolution to do more yoga. Initially, incorporating stretching into my circuit training. It was humbling to notice how inflexible I had become over the years, but I kept pushing through each week. I soon began incorporating my breath and meditation into the practice. I began learning the importance of leaving everything off my mat and surrendering one hour to myself. When I started to let go, the healing process began. The many layers of life struggles began to drop away. My spirit became more alive and I realized this was something that I needed to share.

After a life changing experience, it made sense to dive into the philosophy and history of yoga. I received my 200 RYT from Phoenix Yoga Academy. I have been teaching locally here in Murfreesboro at the Hot Yoga Gym and at Yoga at Mayday. I am so grateful for this opportunity and excited to have the Strong and Calm class on the schedule at Transparent Heart Yoga.