The Perfect Partner

Since the opening of the studio, I’ve been looking for a program or charity to partner with. There are many wonderful organizations in Murfreesboro, so this was a tough decision to make. I wanted to choose something that really spoke to me, and a cause that I felt sincerely passionate about and in some way connected to. I honestly didn’t spend a ton of time researching this, I just paid attention to what was happening around me, and I’d occasionally speak with friends and clients about organizations they were excited about.

Within a week’s time of purchasing the studio, Tim and I also purchased a piece of land at an auction. We had been dreaming of land for a number of years at that point. We were looking for a place where we could live somewhat remotely, with space to be in nature. Our vision for this future land also included us creating a Retreat Center where we could host groups and classes of all sorts, of course teaching what we are most passionate about. We did ending up finding that perfect piece of land in Christiana. Leading up to the auction, we did extensive research about the land itself, the other potential bidders, and the previous owners. We found out that the land was being auctioned off as part of an estate of a woman who had passed away the year before. She and her husband had owned the land for some 30/40 years, and he had passed maybe a couple years before her.

As we were finalizing details with the studio change of hands, the previous owner mentioned that she knew of the exact piece of land we bought and who the owner was. Ok, we thought, and didn’t think much of it after that. We eventually met up with the estate lawyer to finalize the land purchase, and he revealed more information about the previous owner. Her name was Deborah Johnson, and she had worked at the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center. In fact, she was the person who founded the organization. In addition, she had had visions of the land becoming a sort of retreat or safe haven for the people she served at the Center. We all found that to be fantastic, especially since we had a similar retreat vision. This land was meant to be that.

Fast forward to late last year, I was in a shop, browsing around for Christmas gifts. I won’t get into too many details, but I ended up meeting a woman who volunteered at the DVP shelter, and also knew of our land and the owner. She was so excited to tell me that the proceeds from our purchase went to the DVP Center, and that the money had enabled them to move to new, expanded offices. And she wanted Tim and I to meet the new director of the DVP and see their new space. We ended up having that meeting, and got to meet a number of people who knew Deborah, and few closer friends who had even spent time out on the property. We had never met this woman before, but we have learned so much about what a wonderful person she was, and how she had dedicated her life to this organization and helping women and families who have suffered from domestic violence.

Of course, as soon as I heard about this organization, I was touched by the work they were doing. And with all of these connections to the founder that we now have in relation to our land and our future, it was a clear message and decision that this was the organization I wanted to help and be a part of. I had found it, and it was an easy choice!

Please visit our DONATE page for more information on how THY is helping the DVP, and how you can help.

Please visit the DVP website to learn more about the center and all the amazing work they’re doing.