How Yoga Changed My Life - Lee Ann


How yoga has enriched my life....I began practicing yoga along time ago never expecting to find healing of MY MIND, BODY and MOST of all MY SOUL! Not only has yoga helped my body to stay flexible and strong, it's helped my mind to find calm among's often in MANY places at once and focus has never been one of my strong points! With yoga I've learned to connect with my breath, calm and quite my mind and focus more on the task in front of me more...and when I do see a don't take me away from what I was doing...At least not for long.

And for my overall health, YOGA has literally SAVED MY LIFE! You see I've had asthma my whole life and before I found yoga I suffered ALOT! Many trips to the ER and many stays in the hospital. Yoga has helped me learn how to calm my panic of not being able to breathe by helping me to connect and focus on my breath, calm my mind and in turn this helps the attack to be less severe. After discovering yoga the use of my rescue inhaler has decreased to less than half of what it used to be, and my frequent visits to the doctor have been reduced to maybe twice a year....they were sometimes once a month or more!

And as for my Soul 'spirit' it has become more alive! It's happy, sings and dances everyday....some more than! But my Spirit is happy and that makes MY SOUL SHINE! I Truly BELIEVE that YOGA can be beneficial for everyone! With that said yoga has helped me soooo much that I became a Yoga teacher in 2018 in hopes to help others connect with their mind, body and Soul! So if you’re looking to improve your life, may I suggest YOGA!

Sincerely, Lee Ann Ogles