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transparent heart yoga is

a place for people to come together and connect - connect with themselves and connect with each other. A place where you can discover who you truly are and get down to your true nature. A place where you can learn, practice, and unravel to become the best version of yourself. Transparent Heart Yoga offers Yoga Classes, Lifestyle Workshops, Healing Circles, and One on One Coaching. Come to Transparent Heart Yoga to be a part of a community that lifts each other up. Come to heal. Come to support others. Come to recover from all that troubles you. Come to discover how to live through your Transparent Heart.


What’s Happening?

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Why do you attend yoga class?

"I love yoga because it makes me feel so good! It also helps reduce my anxiety and stress from worrying about things beyond my control! I love it!"

"Mental and physical health and wellness"

"Love it! Better balance, more flexibility, less stress."

"Flexibility. Peace - even for at least the hour. Strength & Balance. Love it! Need it!"

"Love it for myself, instructor is wonderful"

"It is helping my focus at work"

"Peace of mind. Feel better mentally and physically. Love Courtney's class - not too hard for beginners. Always a great class."

"Zen-like relaxation!"

"Best class and instructor ever! I'm so relaxed!"

"Relaxing, feel more flexible, stress relief"

"Relaxation, Improved balance, Stretching, Instructor"

"Yoga is very relaxing to me. It makes me feel good doing something for myself. It is making me stronger, more flexible, more confident. Thank you."


transparent = transmitting light without distortion